Hand & feet Care In Winter

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Dry hands and irrational feet are a cause of worry during winter season. We tell you how to take upright care of them during winter.

 Pamper You: A pre-bath warm oil massage, sooner almond oil, is a must in winter. It tones the muscles and aids blood circulation.
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 Cover Up: When it’s cold, you constantly cover your arms, legs and neck before going out, and the same rule should apply to your hands. And use best body lotion and apply on your  hand properly.
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 Feet : The skin on your feet inclines to dry and crack extra in winter. Use a feet file to exfoliate the rough parts of your feet after the shower.
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 Moisturising is key: Apply a nourishing hand/foot cream at least twice in a day. Use a special night cream for when you go to sleep.

Avoid Booze: We’re just suggesting you to avoid using products (lotion, creams etc) on your hands that contain alcohol. It can waterless out the skin.
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