Lip Care for winter

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Winter brings freshness in our life with cold wind and driving from North West direction. After the influence of scotching sun during the summer season, human being would always look onward for the winter season to reach. But, one of the negative things of winter season is dehydration in skin. Most of the people suffer from cracked and chapped lips during the winter season. Apart from looking odd, dry lips also pains. Sometimes dryness can give increase to bleeding in lips. But, if you are really worried about such problems, it is the time to stop it over some homemade ingredients. The crack in lips formed due to weather complaint can become larger even with tiny stretch. Thus, you need to be very watchful.

Advices for dry chapped lips ]

Winter season is comfy after the burning sun during the summer. It brings freshness and activity in the life of persons. But winter has some negative belongings on the human skin. The lips are disposed to chapping and dryness because the skin on them is very tinny and does not have any protective hair growth. There is no sweat or oil glands present underneath the surface. Hence the lips lose moisture far faster than extra areas of the body.

Home preparations to treat dry cracked and chapped lips

Aloe vera for lip care

It is usually found in the garden. You can use the gel mined from the Aloe Vera juice to get a flawless remedy of chapped lips. It is now conceivable to take Aloe Vera juice straight from the plant. Just rubbing the raw Aloe Vera leave on your lips with a slight tear that carries out juices will be pretty effective.

Mustard oil for lipcare

Indian Kitchen particularly in Bengal, Mustard oil is used recurrently. Whether they cook fish or that of meat, cooking will be continuously done through the mustard oil. Thus, it is quite easy to become in the kitchen. If your lips are had cracked and it very hurting, you need dip your finger in the mustard oil and apply it on your lips.

Glycerin for lip care

With the entrance of winder season, people retain enough of glycerin at the stock to moderate dryness in skin. You can now apply fair two drops of glycerin on your lips before going to bed. As soon as you get up in the morning, your lips will be acceptable.

Petroleum jellies for lip care

These are also a good basis of moisturizing your skin when it is exaggerated by the winter climate.  As compared to other natural home remedies, petroleum jellies can provide temporary therapy to your lips.

Butter/ ghee for lipcare

If you have kids at home or your breakfast normally consists of bread and butter, applying this usual home remedy will be easier for you. The Indian butter or Ghee is also fairly actual to treat your cracked and chapped lips. Just apply it in minor quantity and get moisturizing result for a longer period of time.

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