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Nowadays life I took part in the race we forget to take care of your health. We forget that this life is a precious gift given by God. And with it we should not have any kind of a compromise. I would like to say to all of you in our way of life, it's just filled with concerns. And earn money in the race, we forget that our health is our real wealth. Today's youth are very much engaged in stress nowadays the only reason is that we do not like to live in unity with others. Due to the limited range and so we are living in stress. My dear friends, I would like to tell you, the most important in our lives, how we spend our lives. And it is very important to have a healthy body, we are a lot of exercise can make our body fit and healthy.

My friends we know very well exercise is a key of good health and perfect body, but we don’t take it serious and the reason is our lifestyle and time table. Today we are facing many problems related our health mind and behaviour we are not enjoying our life happily coz of it, and this is a reason to become anger, Irritable and lake of peace. So guys I suggest you don’t give a much time to exercise but you can give minimum 30 minutes for it and live a long and healthy life.

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