Monday, 31 October 2016

Hair fall problems

Strength is major characteristic of hair – the solider, the healthier (and the additional fashioning choices!). But all that fashioning can reduce hair’s strength, and even poorer, reason damage. So to escape the tell-tale symbols of weakened hair – imaginariness of shine, carelessness and divided ends mentioned below our top tips for receiving strong, do anything with it, hair.

Strong Foundation

By the right shampoo and conditioner is fundamental to structure a base of strong, solid hair. Seek shampoos and their damage-blocking technologies are designed to help hair retain strength against damage.

Use new Pantene this is best shampoo for hair fall
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Your first stage to strong healthy hair from root to tip. It is designed to eliminate oil, sweat and dirt from the hair and scalp that chunk the way for essential stimulating nutrients to penetrate the hair and at the same period protects it from breakage.

How to use this product

· Brush your hair before bath

· Wash thoroughly with warm water

· Spread shampoo evenly through your hair

· Work your way to the scalp

· Rinse thoroughly

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Lip Care for winter

Winter brings freshness in our life with cold wind and driving from North West direction. After the influence of scotching sun during the summer season, human being would always look onward for the winter season to reach. But, one of the negative things of winter season is dehydration in skin. Most of the people suffer from cracked and chapped lips during the winter season. Apart from looking odd, dry lips also pains. Sometimes dryness can give increase to bleeding in lips. But, if you are really worried about such problems, it is the time to stop it over some homemade ingredients. The crack in lips formed due to weather complaint can become larger even with tiny stretch. Thus, you need to be very watchful.

Advices for dry chapped lips ]

Winter season is comfy after the burning sun during the summer. It brings freshness and activity in the life of persons. But winter has some negative belongings on the human skin. The lips are disposed to chapping and dryness because the skin on them is very tinny and does not have any protective hair growth. There is no sweat or oil glands present underneath the surface. Hence the lips lose moisture far faster than extra areas of the body.

Home preparations to treat dry cracked and chapped lips

Aloe vera for lip care

It is usually found in the garden. You can use the gel mined from the Aloe Vera juice to get a flawless remedy of chapped lips. It is now conceivable to take Aloe Vera juice straight from the plant. Just rubbing the raw Aloe Vera leave on your lips with a slight tear that carries out juices will be pretty effective.

Mustard oil for lipcare

Indian Kitchen particularly in Bengal, Mustard oil is used recurrently. Whether they cook fish or that of meat, cooking will be continuously done through the mustard oil. Thus, it is quite easy to become in the kitchen. If your lips are had cracked and it very hurting, you need dip your finger in the mustard oil and apply it on your lips.

Glycerin for lip care

With the entrance of winder season, people retain enough of glycerin at the stock to moderate dryness in skin. You can now apply fair two drops of glycerin on your lips before going to bed. As soon as you get up in the morning, your lips will be acceptable.

Petroleum jellies for lip care

These are also a good basis of moisturizing your skin when it is exaggerated by the winter climate.  As compared to other natural home remedies, petroleum jellies can provide temporary therapy to your lips.

Butter/ ghee for lipcare

If you have kids at home or your breakfast normally consists of bread and butter, applying this usual home remedy will be easier for you. The Indian butter or Ghee is also fairly actual to treat your cracked and chapped lips. Just apply it in minor quantity and get moisturizing result for a longer period of time.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Moisturizer Crème, 50g

Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Moisturizer Crème, 50g

My Dear friends,

I am going to tell you that how we do to protect our skin from winter losses can also which I would Suggest products that will help make your skin luminous glow of that , You will also have blonde. Be a very big problem of the winter coldness . Which if we do not care if it's the right way to make our skin is coarse . Our skin starts to look very ugly , all the girls that want their skin to be beautiful and soft and would not do it . To get the beautiful and soft skin we should take good care of your skin . I must tell you that you do not use any cold cream or without Consult.

Because if you do , then your skin in the winter , so that you will see the light texture of black light , due to be reduced . Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Moisturiser Creme is used in winter to bring the best cream .Suggest to all your friends that I'm supposed to use Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Moisturiser Creme brought into the winter . It makes your face ends dehydration , and maintains the texture of your face your skin retains moisture and protects your skin from cold winds in winter is running . Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Moisturiser Creme on your face when you can come out of the house for 12 hours it will be your skin moist and dirt from the outside will prevent your skin .



The arrival of winter in our skin appears to us a lot of harm . Such as our skin be irritating our skin to cause pain and noise , as well as to reduce the moisture of the skin such that it at all anxious , how to save your skin from winter damage . And in winter your skin glow and perfectly buttery Bred . For this you do not need to go anywhere else , because the damage to the winter and here I supposed to describe their solutions .First you have to take care that your skin is oily or how is stagnating , if your skin is very dry and you take any cold cream and after 1 hour as your skin becomes dry again .

Suggestions I would like to have those girls whose skin very dry now because you do not need to be worried ,LOreal-Paris-Ideal-Moisture-Lotion will help make your skin velvety . And how you have dry skin LOreal-Paris-Ideal-Moisture-Lotion keeps her gentle . For dry Skin use L'Oreal Paris Ideal Moisture Facial Day This oil-free lotion works to deeply nourish dry skin . It combines 48 HR moisture with Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 25 Protection . After using this your skin-softening formula is infused with the antioxidant Vitamin E and lightweight hydrating ingredients . For moisture that feels clean & barely there . You can feel Skin immediately soft &soothed . You can see the result after 4 weeks your skin comfort is deeply restored & roughness caused by dryness is reduced . Dermatologist tested for gentler .

Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Cream, 250g

Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Cream, 250g

In the winter your skin related problems to be very concern you .All girls want their skin always looks beautiful , and everyone does to maintain the softness of your skin . Here , let me tell you of the need to take special care of your skin in winter and for this you should only use certain products . So that your skin remains soft and beautiful even in winter Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Creamis the best products of the day , your skin will remain soft and shiny .Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Cream is a rich moisturising cream .

It helps to make your skin softens , conditions and nourishes delectably . This cream is used in the winter , which makes your hands and body soft and including beautiful . And it makes the skin soft and shiny , so use your skin will not have any ill effects . It is a body lotion , you do not have a facial cream you can use it on your face , but do not use it on the face daily .

Lotus Whiteglow Deep Moisturising Crème SPF20,60g

Lotus Whiteglow Deep Moisturising Crème SPF20,60g

In winter your skin become so dry and glow less , So I would suggest to you use Lotus Herbals White glow Skin Whitening&Brightening Massage Cream . It helps to your face deep to lighten ,whiten and brighten . And you feel whole day your face refreshing ,energising and moisturising . Lotus White glow Deep Moisturising Creme also protects your skin from the day's dirt , And has maintained the brightness of your face .

Lotus White glow Deep Moisturising Creme Lightweight formula gives adequate moisture to your skin but doesn't make it oily Controls oil for an hour or two , can be fixed with an oil-blotting paper& a face powders Ingredient list . This is attractive to a number of natural additions It enhances skin's radiance naturally . It unveils visibly fairer skin by reducing dark spots .

Turmeric use for skin care


Hello all, Turmeric is a very helpful for hyper pigmentation and its remove face pigmentation very fast comparison to other ingredients. How we use it? take half spoon turmeric and besan, lemon juice and make a paste and apply it twice in a day for hyper pigmentation it work very fast and you can see good changes within 15 days.

yogurt for skin care


We all know what a role in our life of yogurt is and it is not only for skin we can have it various ways, Yogurt is work like medicine during your pregnancy doctors also suggests you to have it. So here i want to share some tips yogurts for your face and it is very simple because you'll not make any face pack you just massage every day 15 minutes with yogurt and see the result within a month, it’s also use in hair treatment.

Aloe Vera for skin care

Aloe Vera

   Aloe Vera is a multi uses nature product you can use it such as suns care, moisturiser, face massage etc. Apart from this we can make a face pack with other ingredients like turmeric and besan and apply it daily on your face you can see good change on your face..... For watch a video click here

Lemon for skin care

Lemon for skin care

Lemon is a one of best ingredient which is help to you many ways to get beautiful skin, Lemon juice helps you for remove black spots of face and hyper pigmentation this is very useful for pregnant women because during pregnancy it's a very common Problem.

Avoid Junk Food

Avoid Junk Food 

Everyone knows junk food is very dangerous for health but we don't want to any compromise with taste mostly young peoples who are busy with their work sedulous. I must say they have to carry salad and juice its make easy way and healthy to eat.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water 

I am not against of soft drinks or junk food but don’t be addict of it try to minimum 3-4 letter water in a day and light food like salad green vegetables and daals rice but in limits. Don’t have water along with your meal it'll discard your digestive system and sometimes your stomach can be suffer from pain.Every day early morning have 2 glass of water. that  helps to stay calm, fresh and active whole day after that you can have tea and biscuits and breakfast.

Clean Atmosphere

Clean Atmosphere

Being a human what is our responsibilities?  For our nature and how we make it clean and pollution free. This is our duty to clean our home, colony, town, city and country if every people think like that we can make our planet clean and green save trees  save mountain save revers and it would be a big step to stop globalization.

Vegetables & Fruit

Vegetables & Fruit 

For alive need to have food but the question is what we are having Is it fresh is it healthy and pure we think about it but never apply these facts on our life. fruit is a gift of nature which is very good for health, And i suggest everyday you should have some fruits. you can make fruit juice also salad and this is very easy to make. 

Laughing and Talking

Laughing and Talking

Laughing and talking is also a part of our life there are lots of entertaining TV shows or movies who try to come a smile on your face and this is a real treatment of stress. Stress is a very dangerous for our life it can kill the desire of live a life, in this way we really need to talk someone who is close in your life your friend, sibling, family member etc.



Nowadays life I took part in the race we forget to take care of your health. We forget that this life is a precious gift given by God. And with it we should not have any kind of a compromise. I would like to say to all of you in our way of life, it's just filled with concerns. And earn money in the race, we forget that our health is our real wealth. Today's youth are very much engaged in stress nowadays the only reason is that we do not like to live in unity with others. Due to the limited range and so we are living in stress. My dear friends, I would like to tell you, the most important in our lives, how we spend our lives. And it is very important to have a healthy body, we are a lot of exercise can make our body fit and healthy.

My friends we know very well exercise is a key of good health and perfect body, but we don’t take it serious and the reason is our lifestyle and time table. Today we are facing many problems related our health mind and behaviour we are not enjoying our life happily coz of it, and this is a reason to become anger, Irritable and lake of peace. So guys I suggest you don’t give a much time to exercise but you can give minimum 30 minutes for it and live a long and healthy life.

Neem Leafs use for hair

Neem Leafs use for hair

Neem leafs uses in various way in our life it’s also use for clean your teeth apart from this it helps to grow your hair very fast if you apply regularly. How we use it I am going to tell you take some neem leafs and wash them dry them and grind them make a power and apply along with mustard oil before wash your hair. 

Egg use for hair

Egg use for hair

Mostly girls use egg for silky hair and this is very good but you should know how it will be a best home remedy for hair. Don’t apply any home remedy on dirty hair it will be helpless, first we wash hair after that use egg’s white part only if you use yellow part you cannot make your hair silky.

Yogurt use for hair

Yogurt use for hair

For shining, silky hair we do many things and wait for great result and we see the good result but it’s very short time and after that we again disappoint with as usual hair problems. Yogurt is very useful for hair it can make your hair strong and also stop hair fall which is a very common problem of every girl. The way to use yogurt is before bath take a massage of yogurt on your scale and hair and leave it half an hour then wash with warm water and see the result.

Aloe Vera Use For Hair

Aloe Vera Use For Hair

Hi friends, 

It is my pleasure to share such a tips with all of you. So we are talking about aloe vera and how it use for hair and how your hair grow and strong. Use aloe vera gel in your hair after wash with shampoo then use it as a hair mask leave it around 20 minutes then wash and use your conditioner. If you want a great result so please apply it regularly.

Lemon use for hair

Lemon use for hair:-

My dear friends here i am going to share some tips for silky, strong and long hair what is right thing to according your hair. Lemon is a best ingredient for shiny hair this use also helps for hair fall. Apply lemon juice before your hair wash.